Well what can we tell you……

I have spent my life in workout wear! you name it I have tried it, from leg warmers to high cut leotards (yep!)
I then moved to Dubai and couldn’t find anything! So I spent my time shipping over the things that I liked. It turns out that other people liked the things I was ordering as well! So after many oohhhs and ahhhhhs and please order me one, I decide to create a website that would bring all of my favourite things together. It just made sense. I was lucky enough to meet my business partner Kaveh early in the project. Now this man is a genius at sourcing new, weird and wacky things!! This man can find you anything (unicorn leggings with a matching bra anyone!!).

So together we have built the vision to the keep the women of the world working hard and looking great while they do it.

Because let’s be honest ladies, we want it all and we want to look pretty damn hot while we work at getting it !!