So many people dream of being able to do the splits, however not many people manage to get there. Check out this article to see some basic stretches that can be added to your exercise routine to get those hips and hamstrings moving and get you closer to your goal.

We all lead very busy lives and for some of us majority of our time is spent at the office. Being despondent and sedentary for a long time can actually put a lot of stress on your body. We found this cool article about simple exercises that can be done in the office to help you stay active while you work! Click on the link or image to see all the exercises!

Simple Office Workouts


So I have been procrastinating over starting this blog for sooooo long…. What am i going to write? Who’s going to read it ? blah blah blah. Then Whapoooooom!! found this little gem from Nike. This is exactly how i imagined the Hotbox women to be when I was creating the company. I wanted to be surrounded by go getters, the doers in life, goal orientated women with a zest and a spark and abundant attitude. The women who feel the fear and do it anyway. The brave ones who strive everyday to make themselves better. And here we are, nike could not have summed it up any better in this ad. Everyday women just like you and I can start our day knowing that there are endless possibilities for happiness and achievement. So watch this clip and decide: what will you do today?



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